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Easy interior window cleaning

Easy interior window cleaning

It is that time of year again and the weather is so great, we just feel the windows have to be opened. As you unlatch the locks you realize just how dirty the frames are. Just touching the glass you can feel the dirt on them. Cringing, you open the window to reveal the dreaded interior seal is so dirty! Here are a few easy steps to making cleaning the inside of the windows a breeze. The cardinal rule of cleaning glass is to be sure it is cool. Do not clean warm glass, it will always streak. Choose a time of day that there is no direct sunlight.

We all reach for the window cleaner and paper towels when doing glass. There are other alternatives that are faster and safer. New glass microfiber towels are amazing and only require water. You can find them in big box stores. I am not a fan of glass cleaners in general. I have yet to find one that works well. Also, the ones that have essential oils in them can smear and streak. Steer clear of window cleaners at the store, they always leave a film on the glass.

Wet washing the frame is a great way to get all of the dirt off. When you open the window, you can also vacuum the interior seal before wetting it if you prefer. Simply wipe those out with a wet rag before doing the glass. If you prefer to spritz and wipe the window, then opting for a vinegar water mix is an easy way to ensure no streaking. You can do equal parts of water and white vinegar. My go to is a squeegee that has a microfiber head on it. The counter side has a regular squeegee. This cuts the time cleaning each window by half. Mix Dawn in a bucket, dunk my microfiber side and wash the entire panel of glass starting at the top. Dawn is fantastic on glass, it removes grease just as vinegar does. When you dunk your microfiber, you will want to squeeze some of the water out of it so that you don’t have a mess. I also put an old towel on the window sill to catch the run off. You can flip the handheld squeegee and quickly remove water from the glass in downward motions. Take a clean, dry microfiber and buff the lines that the squeegee leaves.

You can do a few windows at a time so that it doesn’t feel like such a daunting task. As I always say, Spring cleaning isn’t a race. Just do a little each time you have some time to spare.

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