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Spring Clean One Area at a Time

Spring Clean One Area at a Time

Here it is, time to Spring clean. You just binge watched home improvement shows and are ready to rock out a big Spring cleaning. You want it all done at once and be ready to open the windows. In Spring cleaning, patience is needed!

Make a list of the areas or items you would like to work on. What is your end goal? Is it to declutter and purge, Spring clean or both? From your list, flag items that are the highest priority or are the ones that you want off the list first. The cardinal rule for a big cleanout is not to tear up multiple spaces at one time. It will make the whole experience overwhelming and you are more likely to give up. Take it easy on yourself and set up a comfortable pace. Realize it may take some time.

Once you have started an area, do not move to any other areas until that space is completed. You need to be able to leave the space and have other areas that are not torn out. Depending on the time you have, your physical ability and your schedule, the cleanout of a space may take you some time. You still need to be able to function in other parts of your home even though you are Spring cleaning.

Start with the task in each space that will make the most impact. Work from there to items that cannot be completed until the prior one is done. If you are cleaning to be able to renovate an area, plan the cleaning, then the renovation separately. This will keep tasks in order and help you be able to move through at a good pace. Complete your spaces one at a time. Before you know it, the house is ready for Spring!

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