The Kitchen
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I truly believe that this is the most toxic area of a home. There are so many things going on in this room and there is the biggest concern to keep it clean because of food prep and food ingestion. Every surface comes in to contact with you or your food in a specific way. We now begin to look at the process of realizing your toxic kitchen.

Under the Sink:

  • This is the area where most products are stored. This is a breeding ground for chemicals and other agents to mix and bleed into your air.
  •  Take a good look at the products stored under this sink. Read labels.
  • How many say toxic, warning, danger, corrosive, irritant? These warnings are there by law for a reason. How many have a fragrance? The fragrance alone is its own monster. On top of every other chemical in the product, you now have a fragrance and chemicals in the fragrance. See Labels in learning center.
  • How many labels advise you to dispose according to state and federal guidelines? If you cannot safely dispose of the product why are you using it? They are telling you that you cannot safely put it in the dump, yet we are spraying it, breathing it and using it weekly in our home.
  • How many are aerosol? Propellants can have hundreds of chemicals included just to make it come out of the can. These are chemicals added on top of all of the other chemicals already in the product. 
  • How many should be used on surfaces that touch food? Even if something says safe on food surfaces, you may want to rethink using it on your surfaces. The most dangerous product in your home is dish detergent. People think that it is safe on dishes and use it on everything. It is just as toxic as everything else but is more dangerous because it is thought of as safe by the average consumer.


  • Look around and see how many candles, potpourri, plug-ins, soaps, lotions, burners and room scents that you have. Every single item has a long list of chemical constituents and an even longer fragrance list.
  • Replace with essential oil diffusers or drip essential oils on your furnace filter. When your furnace kicks on, you will get a pleasant fragrance with no chemicals! See Essential Oils in Learning Center.

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