Steam It
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Steam is your best bet for killing 99.99% of germs on contact. It kills dust mites and mold as well. Nothing can survive steam. It is as non-toxic as you can get as you are only using water. Each steamer is going to be used with the instructions from the manufacturer. Not all steamers are the same.

Floor Steamers:

  1. Know your floor type: DO NOT skip this step. Not all flooring can withstand steam and it can be damaged. Edge advises that you contact your manufacturer to see if you can use steam.
  2. Can your floor steamer pass the paper towel test?

Take a damp paper towel and wipe the area that you have just cleaned. If the paper towel is clean, the floor is clean. If it comes up black and dirty, your steamer may not be doing all that you had hoped.

  1. Water: Be sure to use the correct water and empty the container after each use.
  2. Removable Pad: Follow directions for laundering the pad.

A few tips for buying a floor steamer:
1. Look at reviews of other users when making your purchase. 
2. Not all models are the same, you want a floor pad that can actually touch the floor and has some weight to it. The flat floor pads with no contour will not suite your needs for floors.
3. Consider the traffic in your home and on your floors. This will help you determine how strong of a steamer you will need. 
4. Watch pricing and sales, you can get a really good steamer when the stores mail coupons. 
5. Always consider that you will need distilled water to use in the steamer. Regular water is too hard and will ruin your new purchase. 

Hand Steamers:
Hand steamers can be your best friend. Even if you prefer to use them only bedding, curtains and furniture, it is well worth the purchase. Whether you plan to clean with it or just sanitize certain things, you will want to make sure that the product fits your lifestyle. You will also want to consider if you have enough room to store your new product and its attachments. Hand steamers can be your best friend. You can replace all of your other cleaning products with this one device. 

A few tips for buying a hand steamer:
1. Look at reviews from other users before making your purchase. 
2. They are not easily found at retailers. Most have to be ordered online at this time but are well worth having. 
3. Choose one that has a trigger that will allow you to only shoot steam when you want to. The ones that run non-stop are frustrating to use. 
4. Be sure to get one that has attachments, you want to have choices when using it.

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