Welcome to Edge Green Cleaning. We have a support structure set up so that we can deliver on time, positive experiences to our clients. Please be sure to use our customer service number when calling or texting. Our management team right here in the Columbus area can be reached at 614-881-5551.

General Cleaning Items:

You will receive a checklist
  • Kitchen
  • Baths (includes washing / dusting baseboards each visit)
  • Dusting normal furniture and accessories
  • Mopping

Deep Clean Items:

These are periodic items
  • Kitchen and bath cabinet wash
  • Dust or weet wash door frame and trims
  • Dust or wet wash baseboards (not in the baths)
  • Dust or wet wash blinds
  • Window washing (interior only, reachable at ground height)
  • Deep cleaning on showers
  • Interior fridge cleaning

Fees and Discounts:

Fees and Discounts:

Initial Cleaning Fee:

  1. As is customary in the industry, Edge charges an initial cleaning fee for your first cleaning.
    1. The fee is 50% of the non-discounted price of what is ordered on the first cleaning.
    2. This fee is charged before any discounts are given.
    3. Your new client discount applies to this fee.

Discounts / Surcharges:

  1. A New client discount is offered on the first cleaning to each new client starting services with Edge. The discount may change based on the season or specials that may be happening during that time.
  2. New client discounts are valid for the first 12 months of services for weekly or bi-weekly clients.
  3. Cleanings 4 weeks or longer in between cleanings have a surcharge to allow us to get the home back up to standard.
    1. 4-week rotations: 12% charge of non-discounted price.
    2. 6–8-week rotations: 20% charge of non-discounted price.
    3. Any cleanings that fall longer than 8 weeks are considered seasonal cleanings and have different pricing structures discussed when booking.


  1. You will be assigned an agent that will be servicing your home. Feel free to let them know if you prefer something a certain way as it helps them to acclimate to your home.
  2. We have a very strict policy about clients and agents having a cordial but professional experience. Our policy is set up for an excellent client experience for you and best working conditions for our staff.
    1. At no time should you and your agent exchange phone numbers or email addresses. Our agents are not permitted to directly contact clients and they should not be directly contacted by clients. We prefer our staff to stay within the guidelines of their job description.
    2. If you have a change in your cleaning such as item list, vacation, time, or day etc. it needs to filter through our office where our administrative team can answer you in a timely manner and log information on your file. Our agents do not have access to your file information.
  3. Edge is neutral company. Our clientele and staff are very diverse. We appreciate all cultures, races, and life views. Our team will never discuss anything controversial, and we ask that our clients do not question them on their views on controversial issues (ex: Elections, vaccines etc.). Edge values privacy, inclusion, and non-biased views. We request that our clients respect our staff’s right to privacy as we respect yours. We want to create and ensure a neutrally respectful, professional work environment.

Pet Policy

  1. Pets are a wonderful part of our work with our clients. It is refreshing to get to visit with your pets while we are on your job site. Our team loves your pets.
  2. If you have any special requests about your pets, please let us know. Some are afraid of the vacuum etc. Please be sure to appropriately put your pets in a space that makes them feel secure and comfortable while we are in your home.
  3. We cannot allow pets to “play” with our team as we work. Some animals love to chase the vacuum or mop heads. Also, chasing legs as they walk or can be on the stairs as a tripping hazard as they vacuum.
  4. We cannot service a home with over 4 pets, and we have a surcharge per pet. If you are adding pets, please notify our office.

Completion of Services

  1. All services require sales tax as Edge is licensed with the State of Ohio.
  2. Contracted services will be completed as scheduled.
  3. Clients will be able to approve their checklist by approving the estimate.
  4. We will not wear street shoes into your home. We will change into house shoes that are only used indoors.
  5. Services may not be completed in the following circumstances:
    1. Weather emergency issued. This would include an emergency level 2 or 3 that will not allow us to drive there and complete our work.
      1. If services are not able to be completed, you will receive notification from our office, and we will arrangement to complete it as soon as possible.
    2. If your agent is ill and contagious, we will not allow them to enter your home. Our office will make every effort to send a back-up agent to complete your job. If one cannot be scheduled, we will do our best to place you on a re-scheduled cleaning that fits your schedule.
  6. If you need to cancel your services for any reason: **Please remember you are purchasing a service space in our schedule. Cancellations near the cleaning day/time make our staff unavailable for other available jobs thus causing a loss of pay if there is a cancellation.
  1. Please give at least 48-hour notice for scheduling purposes, if that is not possible, please contact the office as soon as you know that services need cancelled.
  2. If you cancel your cleaning within 24 hours of your service, there is a cancellation charge of half the cleaning that was scheduled.
  3. If there is a cancellation within 12 hours of our arrival, you are responsible for the full cleaning to be paid.
  4. If you cancel within the hour we are to arrive, there is the chance that an agent may still come by. If that happens, please let them know that you cancelled. We will make every effort to ensure that the agent is aware of the cancellation as soon as we are notified.
  5. We will make every effort to re-schedule your cleaning to fit your schedule.
  6. We will allow one short notice cancel waiver per year with no fees charged.

  1. Extra cleanings
    1. Can be scheduled if you have a special event or visitors coming to your home. Just contact us and let us know what you need. *Additional add on requests made the same day may not be able to be accommodated.
  2. Removing spaces from your cleaning:
    1. Edge has a minimum removal of a space of 10% value and 48-hour notice to adjust the billing. Otherwise, you will be charged your normal price.
      • We will work and bill from the Scope of Work you approved. We can adjust the checklist/price for a longer period, just not on a day-to-day basis. (This would be during construction or a life change that you no longer use a certain area of your home).
      • (If you are on a permanent rotating checklist, your price and checklist are built for that, and this does not affect your cleaning).

Entrance to Site

  1. Keys and codes are only coded with initials and the city.
    1. Keys: If you provide Edge with keys to your home will be checked in at our main office. They will then be checked out to the assigned agent that will be completing your work. The agent will sign a key agreement taking responsibility for the keys.
    2. Edge staff will never enter your home unauthorized.
    3. If the key is misplaced, staff is required to re-key the locks associated with that key.
  2. Agent will also have the code for the alarm system to enter and leave if you request that.
  3. Agent will lock the home upon completion of the job.
  4. Edge prefers that all homes are locked prior to our arrival. We will not leave a house unlocked when we leave.


  1. Please feel free to contact our office with any concerns that you have.
  2. If you feel that damages have occurred from one of our agents, contact with our office needs to be made as soon as possible.
  3. We are happy to address any concerns you have and review the item in question.
  4. Damages need to be reported within 7 days. We need to resolve the issue in a timely manner.
    1. Upon receipt of contact from a client regarding damage, a damage report will be issued to the agent and client.
    2. Phone contact will be made from the Edge office to both parties separately to address the issue.
    3. An on-site visit will be made by Edge management to assess the report and take pictures of the item in question.
    4. A resolution will be made between Edge, the agent and the client.
    5. All damage reports and repairs will be completed within 30 days of report unless extenuating circumstances hinder this.

Invoices / Payment Types

  1. All one-time cleanings require half down deposit. The remainder will be billed upon completion of the job.
  2. Payments are due for residential cleanings upon completion of the job. Your invoice will be processed the morning after your cleaning.
    1. Payment methods:
  1. Cash and checks are not accepted. Payments will not be accepted on-site by an agent.
  2. Provide your credit card information for processing. You can easily add this information on the website where you are signing this document.
    1. Payments are processed after completion of your job. It is processed through Chase secure site. This is the best option to be sure that the invoice is paid and avoid late fees.
  3. Electronic deposits such as Zelle.
  4. E-pay on our website.

  1. Grace period for the invoice is 3 days from job completion.
    1. If payment is not received within 3 days of the cleaning, a second invoice will be sent including a $10.00 late fee.
    2. Services will be suspended if payment is not received within 7 days of your service date. Please contact our office if there is an extenuating circumstance. 
      1. You will have been notified of your missing payment to rectify the situation before being suspended.
      2. Services that are missed due to non-payment suspension will have a full price fee.
4. Additional services requested will be priced ahead of time and will be added to your current job total if you request them to be completed.

Holidays / Vacations

  1. Edge is closed weekends and on all major holidays including Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, the day after Thanksgiving and December 26th. If any of your cleanings fall on a holiday or days surrounding a holiday, you will be contacted by our office to discuss the schedule. We work hard to schedule ahead to ensure all jobs are completed.
  2. We will be flexible to ensure that your cleanings are completed when you would like.
  3. Please respond as soon as your schedule is set for the holidays or a vacation. We will work to accommodate your request.

Comments, Suggestions, Feedback

  1. We love to hear feedback! It will help us to keep the job on task.
  2. All feedback is processed in our office and sent to agents in an appropriate manner. You may speak to your agent directly if it is something you are comfortable doing. Our office likes to be a part of the conversation and would like to have the feedback on file as well.
  3. Any items that need to be addressed or changed will be discussed between management and your agent. Edge management embraces a positive feedback experience. Our staff is not going to be in trouble if you point something out that you prefer done differently, we use that as a coaching opportunity in a positive way.
  4. Any feedback that you would like to send for us to load on our website is welcomed as well!
  5. We appreciate Google reviews!

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Green cleaning is the process of choosing cleaning products that are better for both people, pets and for the planet.

Switching to green cleaning products is good for your health and the health of your family as it is free of unnecessary chemicals that can be toxic.  Our goal at Edge Green Cleaning is to make your home a clean and safe environment.

Green cleaning products are also less hazardous for the environment.  They do not contain chemicals that cause significant air or water pollution and are often in recyclable containers.

About Edge

Edge Green Cleaning is a Central Ohio residential and commercial cleaning company.  

Our company philosophy is to "clean green, educate green, and enjoy a healthy environment".

Our Commitment to Customers

We are licensed in the State of Ohio, bonded & insured. Our agents are vetted thoroughly by a complete background check that includes criminal & sexual offender registry checks.