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Do you ever ask yourself, "What is my toxic limit?" There is a swarm of evidence that says that there are synthetic chemicals in all industries and are the norm in the production of products and services. We hear about synthetics in food, the farming industry, and in our plastics but what about in our everyday contact with thousands of products? A one size fits all blanket will not do when it comes to trying to determine what will take you over your threshold.

        There is a long list of things that will contribute to the amount of chemicals that you can sustain in your body. Your DNA or genetic makeup, height and weight, fat to muscle ratio, sex, and age all must be factored. As well, you would also have to consider lifestyle. What is your profession? Where do you live? Do you smoke and drink? Do you exercise? Do you use electronics multiple times a day? What products do you use daily? Do you spend a large amount of time indoors?

       As you can see the exposure can add up very quickly. Your body can only handle so many toxins before it begins to show changes of health. Do you wonder why you could do something 10 years ago but suddenly it is bothering you? Your genetic history can tell a long tale about how well you are going to hold up under certain exposures. Your body height and weight will also play a large factor in how you manage toxin levels. Many toxins store themselves in your fat cells and cannot be processed out very readily. Your fat to muscle ratio can play a large part in how many toxins your body holds. 

According to the EPA indoor air is two to five times more toxic than outdoor air. The closed space indoors carries a lot of synthetic exposures. Cleaning products in and of itself are a toxic overload for your family. Your air fresheners, candles, electronics, personal products, clothing, carpet, and furniture can pile on toxins as well. You are exposed 24 hours a day.

      We can't eliminate all toxins, but we can reduce the amount of exposure that you and your family have. Making small changes in your habits can make huge changes in your health. Just the reduction of chemicals that are present in perfume or cologne and personal products alone will bring your toxic load down tremendously. Considering a change in your habits is something that only you can control.  Think about your contribution to the environment and your contribution to yourself. Remember even reducing one thing will help you feel much better. 

We will be exploring many of these topics in our ongoing blog posts. Join us!

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