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AHHHH, love that smell! From your favorite personal care products and perfume, to your laundry soap, dryer sheets, dish soap, bathroom cleaners, hand sanitizers, scented plug-ins, and everything in between has a fragrance. We do love our sense of smell, don't we? I know that I do. Scents stimulate a part of the brain that stores the memories that are important to you. But what if that wonderful natural smell that you remember from mom baking cookies when you were young, is now the same smell in your new candle that is making your body fight to be healthy?  

Fragrance is a very general term used in labeling and is a registered trademark. Because it is a trademark, the producer is not required to disclose the ingredients in the fragrance. You could have 80 chemicals making up a fragrance and the label will not tell. I could go on and on about the harmful ingredients that are in fragrances and what they do to your body. Also, that when you combine them with the chemicals in the fragrances in other products it's a dangerous cocktail. Think about your daily routine and your household while considering the number of fragranced items that you use. You get the idea that you are combining some bad chemicals and synthetics.  

A very easy way to deter this is to start by considering all of the fragranced products that you use or come into contact daily. If it says "fragrance" or "parfume" on the back, it is a chemical cocktail. Start looking for products that state "fragranced with essential oils". These are usually from companies that are more Earth conscious like Young Living, Seventh Generation, 365, and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. You will not find a product that is full of chemicals yet the company cares to fragrance with essential oils. Don't let the labels that state "naturally fragranced" fool you, they are full of chemicals just the same as the others. If a company will not disclose its fragrance there is a reason. Pick a different product.  

Start to consider what fragrances you could change. You will find that most essential oils will give you the same scents that you know and love.  Even if you can't fully move to a non-toxic product right away and would prefer to change over slowly, you can still choose a non-fragranced item. This would save you from exposing yourself and others to thousands of chemicals every day. You are not only affected by what you choose but by what others choose as well. Have you experienced someone wearing way too much cologne or perfume? Your eyes water, you cough, it is miserable. Your body is reacting for a reason, it is in toxic overload. Consider your choices each day to make your environment more appealing to you and those around you.

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