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  Wanting to tear everything out and clean it? Spring Cleaning is here!
Here are some tips that will help you to minimize the mess while you are Spring Cleaning!

1. Make a list for the inside and outside of your home. They need to be different and separate.
2. Don't start Spring Cleaning your home if the home is not already clean. Before you tear out every closet in the house, be sure that the house is cleaned up and you have space to work. You don't want to walk away from bedrooms that are all torn up and see a sink full of dishes or piles of laundry to do as well. 
3. Plan your cleaning into projects. Maybe only tackle a few things each day or each weekend. It didn't get dirty in one day so don't plan to deep clean it all in one day.
4. Try to work in some order and once you start one area, finish it before tearing something else out.- The last thing you want to do is tear something out in every room then you can't walk away from your project.
5. Play some of your favorite music. Enlist others in your family to help unless that slows the process. If it does slow the process, plan for the family to go enjoy a movie or activity while you catch up. 
6. Donate items: As you clean through each area, ask yourself if you still need each item and if you have used it in the last 6 months. If you have not, you can donate it to others who may be able to use it. 
7. Just a little helps- Sometimes just cleaning up a coat closet and putting away the "off season" items makes you feel like you accomplished something. Be happy about what is done instead of focusing on what still needs done. 
8. Focus on clutter: If you still have clutter and are feeling disorganized look into systems that may help make your spaces more useful. We put a closet system in and it made all of the difference in our master closet. There are fantastic organization items for the kitchen as well. 
9. Put your home on a schedule: Figure out trash day and make the day prior to that the day you clean your bathrooms. Then the trash from those rooms goes out to the garage. Plan a day for dusting and a different day for flooring. The whole house does not have to be done at once or every day. It can stay clean by dong a little bit each day. 
10. Keep your cool and remember to enjoy this process. It means another year has passed and you have many great memories to reflect on.

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