Essential Oils
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If you are a person who loves scents, essential oils will be your new best friend! They are derived from all natural plants and extracts and have no chemicals at all. The bigges thing that you have to look for is how the company processes their oils. You want to make sure that they are as pure as can be. If the grade is not the best, you will not get the results that you want as they will not have the same strength.

There are many ways to purchase essential oils. You can purchase them online or in a store. There are a lot of producers out there so be sure to use one that you can feel good about the ethics of the company and therefore you can get a way better grade of product. Many retailers carry them but at a higher cost. They are becoming more relevant in the world today as environmental sustainability is a growing trend. They have always been around and can offer you a fantastic alternative to unhealthy plug-ins, candles and air fresheners.

Synthetic air products have VOC's (volitale organic compounds) See Chemical worksheet in learning center in them that give them hang time in the air. They are toxic and can produce a serious amount of problems for you and your family. One easy way to cut out VOC's is to stop using air freshener, perfumes, plug-ins and aerosol sprays. - internet based company that sells very high grade oils.
Whole Foods - retail company that carries a line of essential oils
The Oil bar- specialty store that carries essential oils.

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