Client Covid Information
  1. If you or anyone in your household or work environment (if you are still working outside of the home) has tested positive for COVID19, we will not be able to service you at this time.
  2. Edge will not service any clients who have traveled outside of Ohio within the last 2 weeks.
  3. Our staff has been notified that if they are feeling that there is a situation that puts them at risk, they are authorized to leave the job site at any time, even if the job is not completed. We will adjust the bill. (This would include if a client or anyone in the household is coughing or exhibiting symptoms of any cold or flu. Our staff will not work if you are coughing).
  4. We will not be running on a normal schedule so you may not get the exact day/time you are used to.
  5. Please have all dirty dishes removed from the cleaning area as we will not be moving used / dirty dishes at this time to clean a kitchen sink. These items carry a high risk of spreading a virus or flu.
  6. There is a chance that your cleaning can be cancelled the morning of your service.


  1. Staff will not report to work if they or anyone in their household have any symptoms of a cold or flu. They will also not work with any cough.
  2. Staff will take their temperature each morning before servicing any clients. Anything over 100.4, they will not report to work that day.
  3. Staff will be wearing gloves and changing from street shoes as they always do, however, they will also be sanitizing their work shoes before leaving each site.
  4. All trash collected at the site will stay at the site. Some clients ask us to dispose of it ourselves, we will not be doing that at this time. Please advise your agent where you would like that left.
  5. Staff will have masks on hand and will be wearing them if a client is at home. If you do not feel it is necessary for a staff member to wear a mask in your home, then please advise them and they will notify me.


  1. We request that clients cancel the cleaning if there is ANYONE in their home has had cold or flu symptoms or even a cough.
  2. Clients are required to take their temperatures before our arrival and cancel if anyone is 100.4 or greater.
  3. If you are in contact with our staff, please use a mask.
  4. We request that if you are home during your cleaning, please do not be in the room that our staff is cleaning, this includes children. We are trying to social distance to the best of our abilities. This may require you to move around if you do not have an extra space to be in while we clean. If our staff feels there is not enough social distancing that day, they can excuse themselves from the job site at that time without finishing the job.
  5. The client is assuming the responsibility that even though there are safeguards in place, there could be exposure. By accepting the booking with Edge Green Cleaning, you are waiving the right to hold Edge Green Cleaning or its agent liable for exposure to COVID19.


  1. Edge will notify each client if there their staff member or anyone in their staff’s family has tested positive for COVID19.
  2. Will contact clients if there is an unsafe situation and the cleaning needs to be re-scheduled due to staff illness.
  3. Edge will not charge cancellation fees at this time.


  1. Cleaning products are not readily available and cannot be found easily. We will do our best to use non-toxic products as that is our preference, however, if we cannot purchase them, we may have to use other alternatives so that we can continue services. We have a janitorial supplier and that is the only place we have found products to have on hand. We will be using non-toxic cleaners until they are gone. If we are out of green cleaner and you have some you would like us to use, just advise your agent and leave them out for them to use.
  2. For those who have been asking for a cleaning product that kills COVID19, we were able to order some from a supplier and it does kill COVID19. It is not considered completely non-toxic; however, it is a lower risk as there are no specific hazards to inhalation, no hazard to skin and is not bio accumulative. We will be using this product if we run out of our normal product line.



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