Cleaning Tips
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For Glass:

Horizontal / Vertical Method: Clean the inside of your glass moving in one direction (vertical) and the outside of the glass going the other direction (horizontal). That way if there is any streaking, you will be able to see the direction it is going and fix it more easily.

Never clean warm glass! It will always streak. Give your windows and doors a good cleaning before the sun is out and bright. Also, you can once over your bathroom mirrors before turning on the lights so that the heat is not radiating on the mirrors.

Toilet Bowls:

Vinegar and Baking Soda: Pour 1 cup of vinegar in your bowl. Let it sit for several minutes. When you are ready to scrub, start swirling the water with your brush and pour baking soda in. Scrub hard while the magic of science does the work for you. The vinegar will sanitize your bowl. The salt in the baking soda will make it gleam.

Peroxide: Keep a bottle of peroxide that has a squirt lid on it. You can squeeze it up under the rim of the toilet.

Stainless Steel:

First Time Cleaning: If you have a brand-new stainless-steel appliance, do some research and read the manufacturer’s recommendation for what method of cleaning you would like to use. Once you put the cleaners on it, you will begin a wax build up and you will always have to use these types of products. As the wax builds so do the fingerprints and smudges on your new appliance. You can just as easily use some dish soap to clean fingerprints and spot clean then buff with a dry cloth.

Granite: Use actual granite cleaner after washing food from the counter with dish soap. Do not choose a multi-surface product or window cleaner for your granite. You should not choose any product with citrus or vinegar in it as that can cause your countertop to become porous and begin to dry out. Be careful even with non-toxic cleaners in this area because of citrus and vinegar possibly being in them. Method makes a good granite cleaner that is safe.

Carpet and Furniture:

Shake baking soda on upholstery and carpets. (Read manufacturer’s label first). Wait 15 minutes, then vacuum to deodorize. See our blog, Allergens in my home, for more details about why this allows you to vacuum additional dog hair out of the rug.

Microwave interior:
Microwave a bowl of water to soften stuck on food before cleaning. See our blog, I Hate Cleaning My Microwave, for some additional ideas to make your microwave smell fantastic!



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