After Cleaning, Do You Experience:

Asthma symptoms




Watery Eyes

Runny Nose

My son was diagnosed with allergies and asthma at age 2. I was told to ‘watch for triggers’ but there wasn’t additional information available. No professional teams could answer me when I asked what I could and could not use. In talking with the asthma and cancer patients, I found that the different products/scents were causing them additional symptoms.  I realized that I was not aware of the number of chemicals that we all come into contact with every day. My journey began several years ago and now Edge is able to help others create a healthy environment of their own.  

Experience the Edge in green cleaning and learn about the staggering statistics that affect your family and office staff every day. Learn about your role in keeping your family and office staff safe and reducing the chances of health concerns. There are approximately 1000 new chemicals introduced each year. There are so many things that are out of our control, but green cleaning and reducing our toxic home and office is something that you can control. 

We will help you understand:

  • The function of the body, reactions to toxins, and statistics that will astound you.
  • Will spend time discussing chemicals, abbreviations, and what type of products they hide in.
  • Our recommendations of safe products that are readily available and how to slowly transition your home or office.

Environmental Detox. Green Education-

     I love to hear from those who have participated in our classes. I hear so many stories that are so close to what I experienced with my child. Mothers are shocked by the number of chemicals that their children come into contact with on a daily basis. Many call me later and say, "I threw it all away and I am starting over."  This is why I am passionate about what I do because it is amazing to see the results that come from reducing chemical exposure in the home and office. - Suzanne Polsinelli

Participants Experience:

"Suzanne spoke to our women's group giving a detailed yet practical approach to green cleaning. I was amazed to find out that I could clean my house well within my budget. I have been using her suggestions for almost a year now. The best benefit is that I no longer feel sick after cleaning. No more headaches, nausea, bronchial irritations or asthma. Plus, I have no concerns about having my kids help with the cleaning."
- Ali

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