How safe is our office in the hands of your staff?  It is very safe. We only hire very responsible candidates with proven track record of responsibility and have a clean background check. We also include a signed confidentiality agreement with our service.  Our company is insured. In addition, each agent carries their own liability insurance. You are covered two fold.

Is there a contract? There is not a contract for length of service but there are terms of agreement that will be noted.  For example: if you are late on payments, change the amount of days etc.

Does your staff work around our hours of operation? Yes. Your staff’s comfort in their own space and your hours of operation are our key concerns. We never want to interfere or interrupt any interactions that you may have with your clients. We will have agreed upon hours that we may access the building and complete our work.

Do we get to choose what gets done?
Yes. We only include items that are needed. We can even offer ala carte’ items that can be added as needed. You will be able to have all of your pricing and you can alter your checklist at any time to fit your needs.

How about accessing the office?
Normally we will have our own keys and code to enter and exit. We normally have a point of contact from your staff if there are any questions or concerns.

When do we get invoiced? We invoice commercial work based on the office bookkeeping so long as we do not surpass 30 days on an invoice. We can invoice weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

What payment types do you accept? We accept checks or credit card payments. Credit card payments carry a 2% service fee for any invoice over $150.00.
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