You may notice more and more that there are huge movements to bring awareness to the idea that we are causing a toxic environment. We know that we need to recycle and reuse materials, household items and clothes. What about the chemicals present in our environment? Synthetic chemicals are in everything and have come about since WWII, when they were invented for chemical warfare. Everything from your cleaning products to the soles of your shoes contain toxic ingredients. When you put all of the chemicals together that you come into contact with, you have a cocktail for disaster. 

One common chemical in our cleaning products, antibacterial, toothpaste, and household products is Triclosan. Yes the same chemicals that are in your shower cleaner can pop up in your toothpaste. Take a look at the labels! The EPA registers it as a pestcide, highly toxic to any living thing. It is placed in the cancer causing chemical class. It can cause anything from birth defects to suppression of the immune system, brain hemorrhages and heart problems. This is only one chemical. Follow the the newest release from the FDA regarding antibacterial products at December, 2013. 

It is not about being fanatical, but being educated. We don't have to be scared when we are educated. With thousands of chemicals sliding off of the production belt this is not a time to turn a blind eye. You can educate yourself enough to keep your family safe and also reduce the amount of toxins that you contribute to our environment. 

Find out about your city's health initiative. For Columbus, OH it is Columbus Green Spot Green is not temporary, it is a culture that is being embraced by the largest cities and smallest towns. It is about your health and the health of the community around you.  

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Suzanne Polsinelli Owner, Edge Green Cleaning

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